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Cable Tool Drilling

Water Bores – Domestic, Stock & Irrigation

Regardless of your situation, Farser Coast Drilling can drill for water on your property and restricted access is not an issue with our compact rig.

Specialising in Cable Tool Drilling

This method gives you the best opportunity to open up under ground aquifers which is often an issue with rotary drilling which can seal the hole as it's being drilled

Water Divining

There's nothing worse than just hoping there's water down below. Water divining is an old and proven method of locating under ground water to minimise the risk of a dry hole.

Bore Rehabilitation & Cleanouts

As time goes by, some bores will start to block causing reduced or total loss of water output. We can restore your bore so you can enjoy life giving water again.

Test Pumping

We test pump our bores to enable you to match your bore with the correct pump. This saves the anguish from either having under sized or over sized pumps - both cause their own issues.

Pump & Installation Advice

Water is our profession. We will advise what pumping system best suits you and can supply and install the entire system as well making us a 1 Stop Water Shop.

How does it work? 

bore-rehabilitating Ron will come to your property to do a no obligation free assessment including divining for water and choosing a site, through experience over the years he has good local knowledge of the Fraser Coast & surrounding areas although each property is different so there are of course no guarantees as to the quality or quantity.

 Initially an 180mm test hole is drilled down to the water bearing strata and if quantity and quality of the water (eg.salinity) is acceptable it is then cased. If it isn't suitable then the bore is decommissioned by backfilling the hole & cementing off. Occasionally steel casing will have to be used because of the downhole strata encountered (eg. the hole is falling in on itself)

 If sufficient water is found & the quality is good it is then cased, gravel packed and cemented off to meet the “Standards for Minimum Construction Requirements for Water Bores in Australia”. A Log is provided for your bore regardless of whether it is cased or not.

How long does it take?

This all depends on the depth to the water bearing strata and geology encountered, usually one to two days but this can vary.

Time is not the important factor here, its the getting it right that matters and because every job is different, the time needed varies.

Advantages of Cable Tool verses Rotary Drilling

The advantages of using the percussion cable tool

drilling method is that they can be used with all types of land formations.

The Rig is relatively compact allowing access to more locations thus having the greatest potential of opening access to waterways because the sealing off of Aquifers is usually never an issue compared to the Rotary Drilling method.